Workshop on how to interact with visually impaired persons in Tabanovce and Llojane, February 19

On February 19, an educational training for proper treatment of Visual Impaired Persons was held, intended for the teams from the Center in Tabanovce and the mobile teams from Lipkovo and Lojane. At these locations, the City Red Cross of Skopje works with the migrants who have arrived in North Macedonia.

The training involved a presentation about the work of the Support Center for visually impaired, advice on proper treatment of Visually Impaired Persons through a practical workshop and an educational video for proper treatment of Visually Impaired Persons. The workshop encompassed practical demonstrations through exercises of real life situations with which Visually Impaired Persons face on daily basis.

The teams showed great interest in the activity and were fully involved in all exercises, thus gaining the necessary knowledge, advice and guidance for the proper treatment of Visually Impaired Persons. This training is greatly beneficial for the teams because of their work and direct contact with a vulnerable group – the migrants. 22 participants were involved in the training, and 4 team members from the Support Center for Visually Impaired.