Workshop and training with Special Educators from the Resource Centers

On July 19th, 2017 a workshop and training session with the special educators from the Resource Centers (RC) in Veles, Stip and Bitola was held.
The special educators presented the annual reports of their work, the progress of the children who attend the RCs and the implemented activities of educational and socializing character, as well as planned activities for the upcoming period.
A common conclusion was the need for greater collaboration with the teachers from mainstream schools and their greater involvement in the preparation of individual education plans (IEPs) and the overall work with visually impaired children. The need for greater involvement of the local education authorities in the work of the Resource Centers was also emphasized as important factor of the improvement of the daily functioning of RCs.
A training session was then held with the special educators on using evaluation tests to assess the personality of a visually impaired child. The assessment test will help the special educators to evaluate different aspects of a personality and it was presented to the special educators as a mandatory document that will be submitted on bi-annual basis, in order to monitor the progress of the children, and to also ensure quantitative and qualitative data.