Resource Centers

Within the framework of the Project’s Educational component, five fully functional Resource Centers were open accross the territory of Republic of Macedonia; in Tetovo, Veles, Shtip, Bitola and the State School for Rehabilitation of the Children and Youth for Visually Impaired “Dimitar Vlahov”  in Skopje. Each of the Resource Centers (RC) is equipped with high tech assistive technology which improves the educational process of the visually impaired children.

The equipment includes visual assistive technology, didactic materials, digital magnifiers, mechanical Braille typewriters and Braille printers, smart (interactive) boards, other assistive technology as the Braille display and keyboard, course specific materials, etc.

The project adapted all of the elementary school textbooks in Braille for Macedonian and Albanian language of instruction, for the first time in Macedonia.
Special educators who run the Resource Centers are hired by the Project, and the total number of beneficiaries at the Resource Centers is about 70 children with visual impairment and combined disabilities of different ages.

In the future we hope that these types of Resource Centers will be the main carrier of the inclusive educational process.

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