Raspeana Mladost in Karposh 1

8cDue to the busy schedule of the principles of the other kindergartens and the summer holiday season, we managed to visit 1 more kindergarten. However, the 1st phase of the basic eye checkups continues. The kindergarten that we managed to visit is Raspena Mladost in Karposh 1. The principle of the kindergarten, Marija Dimitrova, extraordinary positive and professional warmly welcomed us and introduced us to her personal working experience and the practice in her kindergarten. She was overwhelmed from our project and was opened for further collaboration. We managed to examine only 23 children on an age range from 3- 6 years old.

Date 28.07.2015


*note: During the summer period the kindergartens are visited by lower number of children due to the summer holiday. For ex. if there are 400 children during the summer period, throughout the year there are 800-1000 children.