Kindergarten “Detska Radost”

1Beginning of the eye screening activities in the kindergartens in Macedonia started from Skopje area, municipality Gazi Baba – kindergarten “Detska Radost”.

The director of the kindergarten “Detska Radost”, Liljana Krstevska, warmly welcomed us, expressing her gratitude for our noble project, sharing the positive thoughts and interest from the parents about the possibility of free eye screening of their children. She introduced us to their work and explained that the kindergarten is consisted from 5 sub-kindergartens (facility Temjanushka 1, facility Temjanushka 2, facility Sonchogled, facility Mimoza and facility Kalinka). We were overwhelmed by the interest and the positive feedback introduced them with our project objectives and started with the basic eye exams. From the first day we managed to examine 81 children, on age from 2 till 6, from facilities Temjanushka 1, 2 and Soncogled since they are connected together as facilities. The children were generally opened and willing collaborate “playing the game with guessing the shapes”.

Date 14.07.2015

*note: During the summer period the kindergartens are visited by lower number of children due to the summer holiday. For ex. if there are 400 children during the summer period, throughout the year there are 800-1000 children.