Kindergarten ”8 Mart” from Kisela Voda

4aAfter the communication with Snezana Klimanovska from the kindergarten” 8 Mart” from Kisela Voda in order to organize basic visual screening in the kindergarten, we learned that it is consisted of 6 sub-kindergartens (facility Rasadnik, facility Przino, facility Peperutka 1, facility Peperutka 2, facility Stapalce, facility Zelenika).

On Tuesday with the assistant of D-r Kostovska, Elena Mishoska, we conduct the basic eye screening with optotype and manage to examine 50 children on the age between 3 – 6 years, in the facility Rasadnik.

Date 21.07.2015


*note: During the summer period the kindergartens are visited by lower number of children due to the summer holiday. For ex. if there are 400 children during the summer period, throughout the year there are 800-1000 children.