Inclusion is not an illusion

As a result of the cooperation of the Support Center for  Visually Impaired Persons at City  Red Cross of Skopje with the School “Dimitar Vlahov” two Red Cross volunteers were present at the youth exchange in Poronin, Poland. The youth exchange was an initiative of the Polish Foundation “TAK” and DURDMOV “Dimitar Vlahov” and supported by Erasmus +, which aimed to make inclusion between the visually impaired and the persons with typical development, and to exchange experiences among the young participants From Poland and Macedonia.

During the seminar there were various types of activities tailored for people with visual impairments. Part of the activities were sports and entertainment, theater improvisation and dance lessons.

The exchange took place in Poronin, Poland, from June 23 to July 1, with a total of 44 participants from Poland and Macedonia.