Swimming classes for visually impaired persons, February 10

The USAID and LCIF Children with Visual Impairments Project team organizes various activities and events for persons with visual impairments. One of those activities is swimming classes which are held at the swimming pool “Boris Trajkovski” in Skopje. On February 10, 2019 the CwVI Project provided swimming classes for persons with visual impairments at the … Read more

Diabetes Prevention among Visually Impaired Persons, February 7

On February 7, 2019 in the premises of the Association of Blind Persons in Skopje, CwVI Project organized an educational workshop for the beneficiaries of the Support Center for Visually impaired. The interactive workshop involved a discussion between the beneficiaries and the educator – a medical person who facilitated the workshop. All participant received advice regarding diabetes. The topic covered information, such as worldwide statistics on people with this … Read more

Training for proper treatment of Visually Impaired Persons – February 8

Within the Support Center for Visually Impaired Persons – City Red Cross of Skopje, on February 8, 2019, an educational training was held for proper treatment of Visual Impaired Persons intended for potential volunteers who will be involved in the regular activities of the Support Center. The training consisted of presenting the general work of the … Read more