CwVIP weekly activities, November 25 – 30

During this week (November 25 – 30), 40 classes with 30 visually impaired children were conducted at the Resource Centers Veles, Shtip and Bitola where the special educators continued with their classes in native language, math, biology, society, music practicing and stimulating motorics.

Highlight was the tremendous work of the special educator from the Resource Center of Shtip, Jadranka Joveva. She works with 6 visually impaired children, and this week they covered topics from subjects: Macedonian language, math and society.

Macedonian language – repletion of the learned letters and learning new ones; reading essays about autumn and birds; aligning the correct words in a sentence, learning new words;

Math – logic games, addition, subtraction, odd and even numbers, learning about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional objects, drawing lines, solving equations with liter, kilograms, centimeters;

Society – learned about senses with whom we discover the world around us;

Rehabilitation activities covered exercises for improvement of fine and rough motorics, exercises for better visual perception and visual stimulation.

Psycho-motoric reeducation covered orientation in time, learning about which period of the day it is and what we do in those periods.