CwVIP presents research paper at International Conference, 13-15 September

The USAID and LCIF Children with Visual Impairments Project submitted earlier in the year a research paper at the 5th International Conference for special education, titled “Transformation towards Sustainable and Resilient Society for Persons with Disabilities”, held in Ohrid between September 13-15, 2018.

CwVIP’s Education Coordinator, Angelka Velkoska presented the research paper “Inclusion through Resource Centers”, encompassing in detail the practices of implementing Resource Centers for visually impaired children. Also, the paper lays out the vision for transformation of the state school for children with visual impairments into a central (state) Resource Center and the regional Resource Centers (existing ones), fully supported by the Education authorities.

The paper is written based on empirical data and successes of children’s progress in education over a 3 year period. Numerous questions and comments were made after the presentation, as CwVIP was highly appreciated by all participants in the sessions.

The Conference publishes the presented papers in a Conference Proceedings.